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Our tour manager, Christian, lost a bet the other day so he had to chug his least favorite soda- code red. Also he’s crazy, code red is delicious :)

Driving back from the show in Lubbock late last night/ early this morning :) (at Stripes)

Hometown show tonight (Friday) w/ our buds in @sweetascent!

Friendly reminder to make sure you’re keeping up with daddies (that’s us) on Facebook! Lots of cool stuff coming up! Don’t miss out: facebook.com/page9theband #ibelieveinpage9 #eveniftheycollectivelyrefertothselvesasDaddy

Shots fired. #ibelieveinpage9 #bigbluechallenge

Josh being obnoxious at rehearsal :) have you all heard our new single yet? Link: http://bit.ly/page9nofate #ibelieveinpage9

Fun fact: when you order our merch from page9.bigcartel.com you get a hand written thank you note from us. Fun fact #2: Lindan is obnoxious :)

Here’s @antho_drummer killing it in rehearsal :)

Anthony getting us to Nashville earlier today. Tulsa tomorrow! #ibelieveinpage9

Our tour manager @wilkonsincarver doing a little merch inventory before our hometown/Tulsa/Nashville shows next week. Come see us and buy new gear for summer :) dates posted at ibelieveinpage9.com